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Reshmi Sriram
Nitya Narasimhan
Sara Gibbons

Welcome to the February 2023 edition of This Month in SWA 🎉


The roundup is traditionally published on the last Monday of each month - just ahead of the Azure Static Web Apps Community Standup held on the last Wednesday of each month. Catch up on all the news and announcements in one friendly blog post, then join the livestream for interactive discussions, demos and more.

And don't forget to contribute your updates for inclusion in the next issue!

Product News

This section covers recent news or announcements from the product team. Read on to learn the latest news from the world of Azure Static Web Apps!

Dev Resources

This section covers content, events and code samples from Microsoft authors. Check them out for relevant learning resources and best practices.

  • Feb 16 | - Why I Have Fallen In Love with Azure Static Web Apps | Complete Beginner's Guide by James Montemagno. No matter if you are building a web app with libraries and web frameworks like Blazor, Angular, React, Svelte, Vue, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Gatsby, Hugo, VuePress, or basically anything that has static content (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), you can take advantage of Azure Static Web Apps. In this video I walk through how to create your very first Azure Static Web app, how to deploy it with GitHub actions, how to communicate with an Azure Function backend, and how to setup a full custom domain name with SSL certs! In under 30 minutes!

  • Feb 07 | - How to setup Built-in Authentication for Azure SWA using Azure Active Directory by Joey Huang. Azure Static Web Apps provides 2 mechanisms for authentication: built-in auth and custom auth. It enables authentication by simply defining the routing rules and roles in the staticwebapp.config.json config file. Let's walk through enabling built-in auth using Azure AD step-by-step!

  • Jan 24 | - Integrating network isolated backends with Azure Static Web Apps by Thomas Gauvin. Azure Static Web Apps allows you to easily host your web apps globally, with built-in support for APIs, staging environments and more. With the new API integration feature you can also link network isolated backends to benefit from this feature’s key benefits: integrated security and seamless routing. Read the post for more details!

Community Buzz


This section highlights content from our amazing developer community - submitted directly, or discovered via the Azure Static Web Apps tag in sites like Tech Community and

  • Feb 17 | medium - Hosting your student portfolio for free on Azure static web Apps As a student, it can be difficult😒😒 to showcase your work to potential employers, especially when you don’t have a personal website or the means to host one. By hosting your portfolio on Azure Static Web Apps, you can get a professional and easily accessible portfolio to help you stand out from other applicants. Learn how!

  • Jan 16 | - Serverless in Azure using Static Web Apps, Functions and Cosmos DB by Arnab Choudhuri In this post, we look at Serverless development on Azure - from tools for local development, to built-in authentication support, HTTP-triggered functions, seamless integration with a data layer built in CosmosDB. Finally we look at the CI/CD using GitHub Actions - all in the context of a real-world scenario.

  • Jan 03 | - Deploy A Single Page Application to Azure Static Webapp using TeamCity, Jenkins or any CI, or command line by Ghassan Karwchan I was trying to setup a deployment for an SPA application to an Azure Static Web app using TeamCity, but most of the tutorials I found was doing the deployment through CI/CD of Github's Actions .. But what if .. we need to do it on demand from TeamCity, or any other CI/CD tool? You can do this using the Azure Static Web Apps CLI! Learn how.

  • Case Study: | - Peacock VS Code Extension Docs on SWA by John Papa. Want to check out a real-world case study that you can replicate for your own scenarios? C vscode-peacock is a VS Code extension that lets you subtly change the colors in your editor to reflect your context! It has over 2.1M installs and 8.5M+ downloads - and has its documentation hosted on Azure Static Web Apps.

Upcoming Events

This section highlights in-person or online events that are likely to feature Azure Static Web Apps content or developer conversations - links to CFPs or registration links are welcome!

  • Feb 22 | ✨ Join LIVE for Azure Static Web Apps Community Standups ✨ Meet members of the Azure Static Web Apps team as they cover the latest news, demos and announcements in a livestreamed event (12pm EST).
  • Feb 1-Mar 1 | Are you a pro-dev who wants to contribute to the Low-Code revolution? Join us all-month for Low Code February for #30DaysOfLowCode learning!

Did You Know?

Each month, we hope to turn the spotlight on one key resource or person that is worth knowing about, in the context of Azure Static Web Apps.


SvelteKit 1.0 was announced in Dec 2022, a milestone for the recommended way to build Svelte apps - with an interactive tutorial to jumpstart your learning journey.

To deploy your SvelteKit app, you need to adapt it to your deployment (hosting) target, using Adapters, plugins that generate the deployment-ready site from your built app. Did you know SvelteKit supports some zero-config deployment adapters by default - including svelte-adapter-azure-swa for Azure Static Web Apps!

Want hands-on experience with Azure SWA adapter + SvelteKit? Check out Creating a SvelteKit app for Azure Static Web Apps - a 4-part series from a member of the Svelte team, that covers end-to-end flow of code from the local machine to the Azure SWA deployment shown below.

🚨 Note: The tutorial is from Nov 2022, pre-release of SvelteKit 1.0. If you try this out and have updates or learnings, do share this with us as a contribution to the next roundup!

🚨 | Call For Content

Next Roundup: Mar 20, 2023

Submissions welcome till Mar 15, 2023.

  • Did you author an article, create a SWA application or sample?
  • Are you organizing an event with a SWA-related session?
  • Are you a student who just created your first SWA app or blog post?

Submit the details using this custom issue as soon as possible. We can't wait to share your contributions!